Legal Job Warsaw

Legal Job Warsaw

His main task will be to manage the legal life cycle of the relationship with our clients (tenders, NDA, contractual negotiations, termination, debt collection, pre-litigation). We strongly believe that caring means sharing. That`s why we created the White & Case for Students program, which supports and advances legal education. We are looking for outstanding law students and graduates in their fifth year of study. To test your knowledge and assess your skills, we invite you to take our Polish and English law tests in our office. These tests give us an overview of your knowledge of civil, commercial and procedural law, as well as your ability to deal with legal issues in English (mainly reading, writing and legal terminology exercises). At the heart of White & Case`s legal practice is the support and accountability of our clients and their businesses. We pride ourselves on the fact that our ability to understand the market puts us on the shortlist for challenging tasks that require innovative thinking and a new approach. Thanks to tireless efforts and business acumen, our teams have been involved in strategic advice on the most important business projects in Poland and around the world. Yes.

We invite our best interns to work with us for a longer period of time as associate interns. Many of our current lawyers, including our partners, began their careers as articling students at White & Case. of our employees started their careers as legal interns We summarize your development with us in one word: individual. Depending on your needs, we support your development in the way that suits us best, whether through workshops, seminars, events or tailor-made competence-specific programmes. At White & Case, we strongly believe in the saying “practice makes perfect”, and for this reason we are very keen to share our experience and knowledge with you. Your performance as an intern will be assessed not only on your proven knowledge and skills, but also on your potential and willingness to acquire other qualifications. We expect our articling students to have a genuine understanding of the law and genuine academic interests. We are looking for talents motivated by ambition and personal responsibility, as these are qualities that allow us to trust ourselves and offer excellent service to our customers. Each member of our business services team is a passionate professional with the highest standards and a dedication to what they do.

We take care of each other and support each other so that each of us can excel and enjoy an optimal work experience. You can also choose one of our branches in the areas of arbitration and commercial litigation, white-collar crime, private equity and tax law. Of course! If you can`t currently find any vacancies that match your profile, but think we`re the right place for you, we recommend sending us your CV or creating a candidate profile here. Thanks to our knowledge and commitment, we not only handle the most prestigious transactions, but we also advise pro bono on matters on important current and historical social issues. Our lawyers dedicate their time and attention to areas where they see an opportunity to promote growth and aid, such as our support for the Kościuszko Foundation and Polish humanitarian action. If your test results meet our requirements, we invite you to interviews with our lawyers and staff representatives to learn about your academic commitment, personal interests and character. We will also check if you feel comfortable with us in our Warsaw office. I would like to work at White & Case, but there are currently no vacancies. Can I still submit my application? I had the opportunity to join the team in Paris, where I represented an Eastern European public company in an international arbitration, which is an example of the many benefits of working in a global law firm.

“The greatest value of White & Case Warsaw is the people who take you further when needed, but who support and support you at all times.” Interns and Associate Interns Work with our Team at all times If you have any questions about the recruitment process, please contact Iwona from our HR team at: [email protected]. Please click here if you would like to view current Commercial Services vacancies and apply. Even though there are currently no vacancies, we are happy to consider your resume if you think you could excel with us. Our employees are the key to the success of our high-performance culture, and we hope you are one of them. If you`re looking for a collaborative international environment where you can apply your professional skills and experience in a culture that embraces diversity and individuality, we`d love to hear from you. We appreciate your time and interest in our internships. We will always contact you to inform you of our decisions and recruitment results. If you send us your CV and it meets our current needs, you can be sure that we will contact you in a few days to guide you through the next steps of the recruitment process. In the final phase, you will meet a member of our HR team and the responsible team leader.

Some positions may require two or three interviews. Lawyers aren`t the only team members creating the conditions for White & Case`s success. We are made up of a full business services team whose contributions, perspectives and perspectives are never ignored. If you want to develop your potential through work that challenges you, offers great satisfaction and opportunities, if you enjoy a friendly and professional atmosphere, then you are in the right place! Every year we sit as judges in the national preliminary rounds and provide feedback and ideas that we hope will improve the ranking of the Polish team in the international rounds. Jessup can make itself even better known and establish itself in the Polish market, and we believe it is our duty to be part of this development. When we first met students from the Association of Financial Market Law Students at the University of Warsaw, we were amazed by their passion and commitment to a field that is one of the pillars of our success.

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