Legal Intern South Korea

Legal Intern South Korea

The internship is a full-time position. If candidates are already employed, they are strongly advised to take leave during the internship. However, under the current conditions of distance learning, the possibility of a part-time internship is also open, subject to the absence of potential conflicts of interest and the decision of the UNCITRAL Regional Centre for Asia and the Pacific if necessary. It should be noted that preference is given to candidates who can participate in full-time internships. Therefore, if candidates are currently employed or will be employed during their internship, all relevant details must be provided, including those related to the employer, position and type of work. Failure to disclose this information or other relevant details in a timely manner may result in the revocation of an internship offer or immediate termination of the internship, depending on the circumstances. Do you know how to prepare/draft legal documents and how to conduct legal research? [desirable] support for the collection and analysis of case law on UNCITRAL texts, national legislation and legal developments in the region; UNCITRAL has received a general mandate from the United Nations General Assembly to promote the progressive harmonization and unification of international trade law. Since then, UNCITRAL has become the central legal body of the United Nations system in the field of international trade law. Skadden`s Seoul office provides the company with a local platform to represent Korean and international companies and financial institutions in one of the world`s largest and most dynamic business centers. The South Korean legal industry is supported by the presence of several renowned law firms offering a wide range of legal services.

During your international legal internship in Korea, you will learn about the different types of work you would do after starting your practice as a lawyer. Since you already have sufficient knowledge of the legal aspects in Korea, you know all the legal aspects that you need to take care of in order to explore the business prospects in the country. The internship provides you with real-life experience with law, and through this experience, you will learn the skills that are crucial to excelling in this field. As for the legal practical training phase, you want to take an internship program such as an international legal internship in Korea, an internship that gives you the best chance of gaining practical legal experience and exposure. English and French are the working languages of the United Nations Secretariat. The advertised course requires written and spoken English and knowledge of another official language of the United Nations, namely Arabic, Chinese, French, Russian or Spanish, as well as regional languages such as Japanese, Korean or others. For more than two decades, we have been providing Korean companies with strategic and business solutions to their most complex legal problems. In 2015, we opened an office in Seoul to be close to our clients. Our team in Korea works closely with lawyers across White & Case`s global network to advise state-owned enterprises, conglomerates and financial institutions.

But if you decide to do an international internship in Korea, then this is exactly what you will do! By offering both an international reach and in-depth knowledge of the domestic legal and business landscape, we offer Korean clients the support they need to seize opportunities in the global market. In turn, our clients trust us to handle their most complex legal issues, from regulatory issues to investment opportunities and dispute resolution. The intern works under the direct supervision of the Regional Centre`s specialized staff. Special note Interns are not financially remunerated by the United Nations. Costs and arrangements for travel, visas, accommodation and living expenses are the responsibility of the interns or their sponsoring institutions. Our success depends on recruiting and developing the best legal talent so that we can continue to provide the market-leading services for which we are renowned. As an employee, you have the opportunity to grow and learn while collaborating with colleagues who are leaders in their field. You will regularly work on cross-border transactions and be in daily contact with our international clients, connecting with lawyers from White & Case`s global network. Our culture is hardworking, but collegial. We are committed to helping you reach the pinnacle of your career and offer a range of training programs as well as senior mentorship at the associate and partner level. Professional experience No work experience is required to apply for the United Nations Internship Programme. Your education, training, preparatory courses or skills should be useful to the United Nations during your internship.

If you want to see how lawyers actually work in reality, then the international legal internship in Korea is for you.

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