White and Case Legal Cheek

White and Case Legal Cheek

The company provides a lot of training materials, but expects some oversight (as is often the case with U.S. companies). “The firm regularly organizes training on various topics in different areas of practice,” says an intern. “There`s also the autonomy of the interns so we can figure things out for ourselves.” This sense of unity extends to the firm`s more than 60 lawyers in Hong Kong and about 45 employees in non-legal positions. Culture is supposed to be “harmonious” – everyone gets along well and there`s no unforgiving “sink or swim” culture you`d expect in a company with deep New York roots. “My colleagues are very supportive and always ready to help,” says one intern. In fact, the emphasis is on cooperation and partners must be “accessible, friendly and willing to teach”. They have their own offices, while employees and interns share office space. “Most tech companies need flexible legal services that don`t fit the traditional law firm model. I designed the company to grow with the ambitious startups we support. This new investment will allow us to recruit more and meet the growing demand from the technology sector and the need for legal advice. The office itself is modern and very chic.

It is spread over three floors in York House, which exude artistic appeal and convey the atmosphere of entering a contemporary art gallery. This is due to the influence of corporate partner and art collector William Fong, who organized the artworks on the walls and promoted emerging artists in his spare time. A painting has an interesting story: the artist spent three months painting it isolated on a secluded mountain. The result of his work is now hanging on the company`s reception, which also has an oriental twist: black and white tiles draw the floor and there is a huge sculpture of a warrior (perhaps as a source of inspiration for White & Case warriors who pass by every day!) Accelerate your career with us. Develop the skills you need to become a leading global lawyer. When you join White & Case in London, you`ll learn from the world`s best legal minds and build friendships and bonds that will last a lifetime. Wherever you want to go, this is a great place to start. Together, we lead by example. Even case law on statutory clauses recognizes what everyone knows, “British law” means English law.

New employees qualify in areas of activity such as capital markets, commercial litigation, debt financing, international arbitration, mergers and acquisitions, project development and finance, taxation and economics. We will hear from the firm`s lawyers about the reality of working on international disputes. How do lawyers from White & Case`s 44 different offices relate in specific cases? How do the full-service law firm`s many specialists combine their expertise? What is it like to work with multinational clients to help them achieve their goals under pressure? As with most Hong Kong law firms, White & Case expects prospective articling students to be fluent in English and Chinese to serve clients in emerging markets. Last places for the virtual event this afternoon: “An International Case Explained” with White & Case. Secure your place below: Very bold An alternative legal model that makes sense The main news of legal cases this morning and this weekend Why don`t they just listen to us? Prospective interns receive £17,000 per year while LPC and GDL £12,000 net? Oh for the world of minor taxes and no student loans to repay. As it grew, White & Case expanded its training infrastructure in London. Nevertheless, the more flexible supervisory approach associated with U.S. companies still applies to some extent. “A very detailed and personalized training,” explains a W&C intern, “with the degree of autonomy/discovery that stimulates development. Fortunately, the company has some of the interns who support each other, with “always someone you can turn to for advice, suggestions and help.” Another insider praised the “strong camaraderie” among the “close-knit” recruit lines.

Partners are “extremely approachable, open and friendly.” Tom Bohills, who was trained and qualified in W&C`s London office before moving in-house, founded Chronos Law in 2019 with a focus on supporting tech startups. The virtual offer aims to break the traditional form of the law firm by offering profit sharing, no target hours, and allowing its lawyers to work from home permanently. What most of these UK companies certainly don`t do with support teams elsewhere is pay their London apprentices as much as White & Case. Newly qualified salaries stand at £130,000 – a six-figure sum that has held up amid the COVID-19 crisis. The trade-off is longer working hours, which, in addition to more complex tasks, also include work that other companies can outsource. To accommodate everything, don`t expect to leave the office until 9 p.m. if you`re at the headquarters of a company or bank. For the other departments, the hours are less intensive. One source summed it up: “It`s really different.

Sometimes I have weeks where I don`t stop working until midnight, and sometimes weeks when I have almost no work and so I leave the office at 6 p.m. Toxic and unbearable culture in some teams + psychopathic partners who constantly yell are not good Speakers will discuss five topics of change affecting businesses and markets around the world. These include the transition to the low-carbon world of the future and how companies can achieve their environmental, social and governance (ESG) goals.

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