What Are the Seven Natural Laws of the Universe

What Are the Seven Natural Laws of the Universe

That`s right – the Law of Attraction is just one of the 12 universal laws, and if we become familiar with the other 11, we can tap into a more spiritually oriented life. The second of the seven universal laws is the law of correspondence, also known as the law of analogy. This law tells us: “As at the top therefore at the bottom, as at the bottom therefore at the top”, “as on the inside therefore on the outside, as without so on the inside”. This means that there is “harmony, agreement and correspondence” between the physical, mental and spiritual planes. The 12 universal laws are considered intrinsic and immutable laws of our universe that ancient cultures have always known intuitively. Now that you have been introduced to these laws, there is a good chance that they will continue to appear in your life. Everything is relative! You can`t define something without having something to compare it to. The existence or meaning of one entity depends solely on that of another. Comparisons are almost never what they seem and, in a negative light, toxic to the soul. However, it is not uncommon to always compare almost everything. Hot a great use of time or thoughts.

However, there is a close dependence on one event, thing, value, quality, etc. on another. All things in the universe move at a perfect pace, in a motion measured like a pendulum. Everything that exists is involved in a dance that flows and swings back and forth. There is always action and reaction; A push and a retirement, a rise and a fall. In this video, Brian discusses the 7 laws of nature in the universe and how they affect your life. Once you understand how to work within these laws, life becomes easier. Whenever you want to know what`s wrong in your life, look at those laws and find out which ones you`re violating. Undoubtedly, there are certain fundamental principles that give us insight and direction on how everything works, including how we can be better people and thus achieve more desirable results than managers and leaders. These foundations are called the seven laws of nature by which everything and everyone is governed. These are the laws of: attraction, polarity, rhythm, relativity, cause and effect, sex/gustation, and the eternal transmutation of energy. There is no correct priority, order or order for numbers.

They happen to apply, just like nature itself. You may well identify your favorites, but they are all the same. Of the seven universal laws, the first three are the higher immutable laws, which means that they are absolute and eternal. They can never be changed or transcended. They have always existed and will always exist. The other four of the seven universal laws are the inferior changing laws, meaning they are transitory and can be transcended or worked to create an ideal inner and outer world. This is not to say that you should ignore the four changing laws or try to challenge them, because even if you do, they will still govern your existence. Your goal is to understand each of the seven universal laws, and then learn to transcend or master the lower laws through your knowledge and understanding of the higher laws. Life has ups and downs for each of us. We can learn to be flexible and accept or choose, by default or not, to resist, which will resist us if we become rigid. If we are rigid, we run the risk of breaking. Negative thoughts, emotions, and actions can lead to unnatural spikes in speed or “lagged rhythms” in our lives and businesses.

If so, stop, breathe and let your natural rhythm return. Develop your flex power or flexibility. Accept what you owe. Catch yourself thinking about things you can`t change and change your thoughts. Just say no and think about the things you`re grateful for. There have been hundreds, if not thousands, of universal laws drawn from this conclusion, but as of today, we will only look at 7 universal laws and how to apply them. There are people who have supposedly transgressed these universal laws, but for us mortals, we just want to understand what they mean to us as humans. In hermetic philosophy, there is a concept of what happens on the outside is a reflection of what happens on the inside. It makes life a huge mirror. Your thought creates an action and actions create an effect.

This effect will reflect more of this seed of thought. Realize that as you work on yourself, things may move slowly at first, but they can always move faster as you progress. And how to pay attention to the rest of these laws. If this is what you want for your life, re-read this article and learn more about each law, because anything is possible when you start living in harmony with these laws. Imagine three dots labeled “A”, “B” and “C”. “A” is the smallest dot and “C” is the largest. If you connect “B” to “A”, “B” looks big. However, if you connect “B” to “C”, “B” looks small. The obvious truth is that “B” is neither big nor small, “B” is just “IS”.

We make “B” what he is by working with this legislation. Everything in life only “IS”. We do something big or small, high or low, negative or positive by comparing it to something else. The law of polarity determines that everything in the universe has its opposite: hot – cold. Good – bad. Inside – outside. You have a right side and a left side to your body, a front and a back. Every top has a bottom, and every bottom has a bottom.

Do you want to become a master in creating what you want? I have often referred to these laws in my coaching of entrepreneurs and sales representatives over the years and I continue to apply them in our work at Passion Placement to help mission-minded individuals make career changes and work with companies and leaders in the development of their business and vision. I have tried to rephrase these laws so that you can see them more in a broader context than you are, although that is the framework that we are all focusing on. You won`t feel well all the time; No one does. If you did, you wouldn`t even know it. It is the low feelings that allow you to enjoy the high feelings. This law explains that everything in the universe that we can see, hear, smell, taste or touch, as well as our emotions, is the manifestation of energy at different vibrational levels. Instead, we`d better appreciate what we have without having to compare it to anything else. When we look at this law, we see that all things are relative, including all laws. All laws are related to each other and correspond to each other. Each law must be in harmony, agree and correspond with each other. An understanding of the law of relativity will give you the opportunity to solve many mysteries of nature that seem paradoxical.

Natural laws always work, whether we believe them or understand them. They are based on the quantum knowledge that everything is energy; Everything in the universe, including us, is connected by this sea of energy. What we feel, think, say and do are all forms of energy by which our realities are created. The 7 laws of nature of the universe are commonly found on the Internet and are attributed to William Walker Atkinson, who wrote more than 100 books. Based on a book he wrote in 1908, he attempted to describe how the universe works in terms of a series of laws in his final manuscript, The Seven Cosmic Laws, written in 1931 and published posthumously in 2011. However, “everything is spirit” does not mean that everything belongs to the mental level. Rather, the mental level is the level of mind associated with what we think of as mental activities such as thinking, imagination, and your general mental state. All energy and matter, visible and invisible and on all planes of existence, is created by the Absolute and is subject to the Absolute, of which your God-Self is a divine spark. Your spirit is one and the same with the universal spirit in its entirety. And your reality is only a manifestation of your mind, a projection of your consciousness. And since everything is spirit, it means that you have no mind, you are spirit. This is the essence of the power of the mind.

We`ve all heard of the law of attraction – but what about the law of polarity, the law of divine unity, or the law of correspondence? This law states that at an energetic level, everything in the universe is constantly changing or fluctuating. Every action is preceded by a thought, the thoughts themselves having the power to eventually manifest in our physical reality. By refusing to call anything “good” or “bad,” whether it`s a wish, person, thought, thing, or circumstance, you prevent yourself from being tied to one side or the other. And if you`re not tied to one of the two sides of opposites, you can see them for what they are – different expressions of the same thing; And so you can begin to transcend this law of polarity.

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