Swiss Army Knife Legal Malaysia

Swiss Army Knife Legal Malaysia

Take Kamarusham bin Zakaria v. Prosecutor [2017], where Kamarusham was found by police under a bridge with a knife in Kelantan around 11 p.m. He had already spent 9 months in prison, but it was decided that the law should restrict the use of weapons to commit serious crimes. It was always a crime to possess a dangerous weapon like this, but the judges let Kamarusham go on condition of good behaviour because the circumstances did not indicate that he would use the knife to commit a crime. As the judge said: However, the law also states that if the blade is less than 30 cm and the object looks like a harmless object, but is intended to hide a knife or blade, then it is prohibited. The Victorinox SwissCard could fall into this category. According to SPF, machetes are considered permitted items, along with kitchen knives, sickles, Swiss army knives and those found in camping shops like Mr Varun. I am a student moving to Malaysia and I was wondering if I could bring my pocket knife or if they are illegal If you are reading this article, congratulations for staying alive so far…? The board seems to have kept you safe and hopefully you`ll never need to defend yourself with a gun. But what kind of weapons are we allowed to bring? Aren`t some of them illegal? Depending on why you carry knives, bats, or even weapons, you may even break the law. “Therefore, I am sure that we serve as a responsible channel for the retail sale of knives, as buyers` details are recorded. We also helped police investigate knife crimes,” he said. In India, it is illegal to carry a knife or other type of blade larger than 9 inches and more than 2 inches on the person, as it is considered “prohibited items” under India`s Weapons Act 1959. The transport of spring knives and button knives is also illegal.

“(I`ll tell them) If you`re fishing or hiking, you can use it for the activity, but bringing the knife to Orchard, for example, is not allowed, it`s not the right purpose,” she said. It should be noted at the outset that firearms are completely illegal unless you have a Carrying and Use (C&U) license under the Weapons Act 1960. Our friends at CILISOS have already written an article on how to get a license, which you can find here. Of course, I avoided wearing my SAK in places where there are rules against carrying sharp objects (airplane cabins, theaters, etc.), but other than that, no one cared (or noticed?) that I was carrying a knife!! Therefore, Swiss Army knives fall under these exceptions, as most SAKs (except for the largest ones) are just versatile pocket tools that also have a small knife. Carrying a knife is illegal in Malaysia. They are arrested and charged under the Corrosive, Explosive and Dangerous Weapons Act 1958, which, if convicted, carries a sentence of up to two years` imprisonment and flogging. Some people carry short knives for defensive purposes and never get caught. Those who are arrested and charged are likely to be arrested by the police after receiving a call from the public or the suspected security guard.

Some are even arrested for carrying a knife in front of their own homes – perhaps with their knife or mannerism when carrying a knife. In the United States, people 21 and older are allowed to carry Swiss Army knives with blades smaller than 2.5 inches in most states. This is in line with the law that allows adults to legally carry pocket knives or utility knives or multi-tools with blades smaller than 2.5 inches. So what about larger models? especially the SAK 11mm and 130mm? These large Swiss Army knives with a lockable blade may not be worn openly in most countries. That doesn`t mean you can`t keep it at home or even carry it to your workplace if your job description requires the use of such a knife. The intent of the person carrying the knife can also make a Swiss Army knife completely illegal in the eyes of the law. For example, even a small SEC that falls within the guidelines of the law can be considered illegal if it is used in a dangerous way to threaten someone or, worse, commit a crime. In addition to these general guidelines, there are country-specific guidelines depending on the length of the blade and the condition of the person carrying it. For example, the largest knives of the Swiss army can be carried, but not hidden. In addition, some states consider it illegal to carry a bag when intoxicated.

The appearance of a knife plays a major role in public perception. Most people think of a SAC as a tool rather than a knife and therefore don`t feel threatened. However, a knife of similar size with a tactical design and color could sound the alarm among ordinary people, especially in a crowded public place. Each state has its own knife law in the United States. Some are quite liberal, while others are more restrictive. However, if you follow some general guidelines when choosing the Swiss Army knife model, you can take it with you on the road. The UK has some of the strictest regulations regarding legal knives, which are also followed very carefully by authorities and law enforcement agencies. In addition to the size and type of knife (lockable or not), the other most important parameter when it comes to the legality of the knife is the intention of the wearer and the perception of the people around him who might consider it a threat. An example is the aircraft cabin. In the wake of the events of 9/11, governments around the world have tightened airport security protocols.

Therefore, even the smallest SAK keychain is considered an illegal item in the aircraft cabin. In fact, the aftermath of 9/11 is an important event in Victorinox`s history, as they lost much of their market, which took years to recover. In most cases, if the length or type of blade makes wearing illegal, you can provide a valid reason (see above) to justify your intention. If you are charged with illegal possession, a court will decide the validity of your justifications. People who are thinking about buying a Swiss Army knife are probably asking the same question! Is it legal to carry a Swiss Army knife in my pocket? This is where the lines between legal and illegal start to blur a bit. Section 6(1) of the CESOWA states that it is illegal to carry an assault weapon in public without authorization or lawful purpose. As a criminal, you will be punished with 5 to 10 years in prison, plus flogging. But what is an assault weapon anyway? Section 2 states: In Canada, it is legal to wear a Swiss Army knife that looks and functions like a pocket knife. Canada has a long list of certain types of knives that you are allowed to take illegally. However, a Swiss Army knife does not belong (or does not appear to be). However, it would be safer to limit yourself to something within 6 inches. Again, note that the intent of the carrier would be more important than the size of the SAK.

So be prepared with a good reason if you don`t want to get into legal trouble. As everywhere, the user`s intention is more important than the length of the blade. If you are caught with a knife hidden in a place where you do not need a knife as a tool, this is considered a violation of the law. Apart from that, you need to have a valid reason for having an “assault weapon”. For example, if your job involves potentially dangerous tools. If you have a knife in your trunk because you`re a cook, that`s probably fine, but you may have a lot to explain if you have a cleaver under the driver`s seat. Can I bring a classic Swiss Army knife to Malaysia? I mean in normal checked baggage. We have our illegal weapons laws under the Corrosive and Explosive Substances and Offensive Weapons Act 1958 (CESOWA). In addition to having a name, this law gives us a list of weapons that we, ordinary citizens, cannot carry, mainly because they have only one purpose: to harm. The list can be found under the second calendar, which is summarized: Knife laws are vague in most countries and do not explicitly allow or prohibit it by mentioning the actual make or model of the knives. While some countries restrict the carrying of knives in public, there are exceptions in these rules for hunting knives, pocket knives, and knives used for professional purposes, depending on the laws of a particular jurisdiction. Flip knife – any blade with a blade that opens automatically via a button, spring, or other devices connected to the knife handle.

SINGAPORE — Varun Singh, who runs a camping equipment store, once refused to sell a knife to a “gangster-like guy.” I think it would be illegal to carry knives everywhere in public. So the answer is that self-defense certainly cannot be a valid excuse.

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