Marble Legal Reviews

Marble Legal Reviews

The company also has an app that allows you to manage your case on the go. In the app, you can see the status of your case, file documents, talk to your legal team, view your payment information, and more. If you continue, Marble will assign you a legal team – a lawyer, a paralegal and a case manager – to work with you throughout the case. Unlike many lawyers, the company charges per service, not per hour, so you know your costs in advance. Our reviews come from multiple sources to give you the best insight into Hi Kerri, Thank you for your comments and comments, We apologize that our service did not meet your expectations. We have set ourselves a high standard and we are very sorry to hear that this standard was not met in your interaction with Marble Law and our team. KenyaPlease contact me directly I would like to receive further feedback on your experience Marble also offers flexible payment options – you can choose to pay for services in advance or over time. Marble doesn`t need a pre-owner for legal services, which is not the case for many lawyers. Marble is an online law firm that takes a virtual approach to working with lawyers. The firm provides legal representation in a variety of areas of law, including family law, labour law, immigration and tax relief. Marble charges a flat fee for services instead of an hourly rate, so you know exactly how much the services will cost before you decide to work with the company, and there are flexible payment options. Each client is assigned a legal team consisting of a lawyer, a paralegal and a case manager.

Marble currently operates in 17 U.S. states. We can`t tell you how much we appreciate this review. We are very pleased to hear that you enjoyed our process and our collaboration with your lawyer. We will be sure to send your kind words in their own way. Thanks again for writing! If you need anything else in the future, you will always find us at From telephone representatives to the lawyer himself to everything in between, I have nothing but good things to say about the people in this firm. Everyone was always friendly and helpful and offered me the best legal representation I had. I started using Marble about a year ago after deciding that it would be best to work on upgrading my residency to full-fledged citizenship, and throughout it all, they did everything they could to make this process as quick and easy as possible. My experience has been amazing.

Everyone I spoke to was so kind, friendly and empathetic. They let me talk and explained all the options and solutions I needed. I was more than upset, to say the least, when I was approved by the Department of Finance for Legal Aid. I am so grateful for a law firm like Marble Law. Marble provides legal services in 17 states. The company provides a full legal team and offers upfront pricing, fixed fees, and the ability to pay over time. The firm provides services in a variety of areas, including family law, criminal defence and estate planning. If you`re looking for a great lawyer, Marble might be the best way to find it. I contacted them after looking around and talking to lawyers, and the reason I didn`t start working with one of them is that they couldn`t agree on a pre-agreed price and said they would work from meeting to meeting, which in practice means I don`t know. How much I pay until the process is complete. but after looking for law firms that operate at a preset price, I found marble and saw on their website that they work in my state and started talking to them. After two calls, we agreed on a price and financing plan in a much more convenient and intuitive way than any other company I`ve spoken to.

I recently had the pleasure of working with marble and was very impressed with their work and team. First of all, I really want to thank Kenya for helping me solve a problem I had with my payment for them, they were very nice and helpful. I contacted Marble after being fired, imo not rightly, and decided to take legal action. After a few phone calls with their offices, they put me in touch with their lawyer, Elissa**, and he did all the heavy lifting for this process. On my second call with them, I was presented with the legal plan, price and financing options, which is a more convenient way to work than paying for each trial date and meeting with the lawyer. The only reason they received one was because I could only write such a review. This company is a scam and a fake, don`t waste a penny of your money or time. They do not respond on several attempts and statuses. I was paired with a law firm in Philadelphia.

The paralegal cannot give direct answers to the status of my case and it has been 4 months. They only answer: My lawyer has a high workload. When you approach Marble, a supervisor is always there to meet you. I have asked for a new lawyer several times and my clerk at Marble is of no help and does not answer. It`s not a legitimate business and it`s a scam. I reported to the BBB. Words cannot express my extreme frustration and disappointment with Marble Law. I needed legal advice and had to submit documents on September 27. I had to call back at a later date to arrange another meeting before submitting the documents due to changing circumstances.

I`ve been cancelled three times! Each time, I sat for an hour waiting for the lawyer to call me. A few hours later, I got a phone call telling them how sorry they were and I made another appointment a week later. It`s now November 8th and even the senior partner who was supposed to call me has never contacted me, not even to make an appointment. I`m no closer to solving my problem or doing the paperwork I need. It was an absolutely horrible experience at an already extremely difficult time in my life. Great, Erick was very helpful in answering our tax questions and helped us get up to speed. The decision to declare bankruptcy isn`t easy, but an experienced lawyer can help you get a second chance to rebuild your finances. Lawyers working with Marble have an average of 15 years of experience and meet the company`s licensing and communications standards.

From my first call with them until the end of the study, I was very satisfied with the level of service and professionalism I received from them and I felt that I was heard and taken 100% seriously. I felt comfortable with everyone I communicated, especially Nicholas**, who represented me perfectly and gave me exactly the result I wanted from this case. In order to keep an eye on the best interests of the child, we work with you on your custody file. Marble is a legitimate law firm that offers a non-traditional way of working with a lawyer. The company`s virtual approach reduces the hassle of communicating with your lawyer, and the transparent pricing and fixed fees mean you know exactly how much their services cost upfront. We recommend Marble to anyone looking for a convenient and easy way to connect and work with a lawyer. At Marble, we want to make this process as convenient as possible for you. Get an update on your case, upload documents, contact support – all online. I was put in touch with a great lawyer, they were patient with me and they made sure I understood how everything worked. Also very affordable and the payment plans work great for me. I highly recommend them! They said they had lawyers to help me in my case, I paid the nine and then I said to myself and told me that they did not have a lawyer to defend my case and now I am less lawyer and my case is in 3 days when I waited a whole week for them to put everything in place.

that you trust us to deal with such a sensitive issue. We are grateful for your feedback and wish you all the best for the future! I cannot speak enough. I spoke to two lawyers before Marble and Mr. Morris, and it was an experience day and night. The admissions representative, lawyer and financial representative Jarod all reassured me, allowed me to explain myself without questioning myself, and treated me with a kindness that other companies simply did not do. Once the registration was complete and the provision and funding figures matched my budget, I had no doubt that I had made the right decision for my case. To get started with Marble, visit the website, choose the service you need, and answer a few questions to help the company determine your needs. Marble will then schedule an initial consultation, at a cost of $49, to discuss your situation and possible options.

You can visit the company`s website or contact Marble directly for a full list of services. Marble recently looked into my divorce and gave me the best result I could get from the situation. They kept me up to date on all points, gave me honest advice and handled everything with professionalism and sensitivity, and I want to express my thanks and gratitude for the great work Michael** and the rest of the team have done over the past few months. Marble has flexible payment options and allows you to pay for services in advance or over time. The company charges a fee of $49 for an initial consultation, but it will be applied to the full cost if you decide to go ahead with your case. This is a very unique type of law firm that doesn`t work as intended. Instead of being a group of lawyers in one firm, you have the opportunity to communicate with all the lawyers and law firms Marble works with across the country. Another way to differentiate yourself from other companies is to charge you a fixed price upfront instead of charging for each meeting and each lawyer. It was a divorce case that first led me to take a more traditional way of finding a lawyer who thought the best way was to go with a more personal firm, assuming that the way Marble works will be less personal, but I was refuted by their large team and personal treatment of people like Kenya**, who helped with every problem that arose during the time. This process.

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