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Lpi Legal Protection

URL: legalprotectioninternational.com/LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/company/legalprotectioninternational-aisbl/ With a master`s degree in Belgian and European law and almost 25 years of experience in the non-life insurance sector in Belgium and abroad, Pieter Vandenbussche is passionate about legal protection insurance. Since 2020, Pieter has been CCO, CFO and member of the Board of Directors of Euromex, which is part of the Baloise Insurance Group and one of the largest legal protection insurers in Belgium. With his keen legal acumen and his degrees in business and finance, Pieter has accompanied Euromex`s digital transformation and ensured that his company successfully markets and markets legal protection insurance today. Henrik A. Jensen is an experienced lawyer and has been admitted to the Norwegian Supreme Court. Henrik is the founder and active owner of two law firms (Legalis and Legal24) and a legal insurance company in Norway and Scandinavia. He also handles litigation financing in Scandinavia through the company Therium Nordic AS. Henrik received his first law degree in Oslo, followed by a Master of Laws at the Max Planck Institute in Munich with a thesis on EU copyright. But times are changing. Are we ready for the future? The congress will provide answers to the question of whether legal protection insurers are responding satisfactorily to changes and will propose concrete solutions to their policyholders.

Are lawyers suited to deal with business and technical challenges? How important is the “human factor” for consumers and how to make the lawyer-insurer-legal-tech triangle work? A legal problem can be life-threatening, and therefore it is important to be able to obtain legal assistance quickly and to be prepared for a situation where a dispute leads to uncertainty, high costs and immeasurable stress. Lawyers have the expertise to help resolve legal disputes. Legal protection insurers provide legal advice, provide financial security, actively support people when needed, and pay for a lawyer when needed. Good legal protection can save lives! Corporate Legal Expenses Insurance (LEI) is a form of Legal Expenses Insurance (LPI). LEI coverage protects a business against the cost of self-defense in case someone takes legal action against it. It is intended to protect against costs arising from the actions of third parties, but can also cover costs associated with litigation that the insured person conducts against others. These costs can include attorneys` fees, witness fees, court costs, or even the cost of hiring experts. In the European Union, precise rules govern legal expenses insurance and explicitly specify how insurers must organise their activities and manage claims. These rules are set out in the Solvency II Directive (Articles 198 to 205) [5]. Legal expenses insurance is playing an increasingly important role in achieving the United Nations` global goal of providing access to justice by 2030.

We have a significant impact, but the reality is that billions of people around the world still have unmet needs for justice. By putting sustainability at the heart of our business strategy, we can create long-term business value, increase performance and profitable growth, while intensifying our efforts to make equity affordable and accessible to all. This strategy – human-centred law – is a new, smarter way of doing law, marketing legal services and growing businesses. associations of companies specialising in legal protection; Promote easy, affordable and high-quality access to justice and justice through global members. This form of insurance is the most widespread. It covers those who want to protect themselves against possible future claims, and it is purchased before the prospect of litigation. It supports the policyholder either by providing legal advice or even by representing him before or outside the courts. It also covers the costs and expenses of legal proceedings. There are two main structures to cover the legal costs of companies.

These structures are located before the event (BTE) and after the event (ATE). According to a survey commissioned by the Dutch Ministry of Security and Justice in 2016, lawyers who provided services through legal protection insurers performed best both in terms of perceived quality of services and based on peer review. [11] Join us at this year`s International Legal Protection Congress and explore inspiring new ways to market and distribute legal protection insurance.

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