Legal Research in the News

Legal Research in the News

Innovation means “getting an overview of existing technologies and legal approaches that exist today and creating new applications that address lawyers` problems in the most effective and efficient way possible within a systematic and consistent framework,” says Alan Pershing, CEO of CaseMetrix. Best-in-class technology for legal research will always be important. But to really give your customers everything they need, you need more. Innovative tools and resources give you the depth, breadth and agility of legal expertise you need to deliver the service your clients want. That`s what your customers expect from you, and that`s what you can expect from Westlaw Today. There are many up-to-date online legal research guides, many of which have been written by librarians at universities and public law libraries. In addition to the George Mason Law Library`s research guides, other recommended sources for research guides include: Combining the legal research you trust with the leading authority on news and analysis not only saves you time; It also increases your confidence. You can rest assured that the information provided to you, whether through the Westlaw Platform or your mobile device, is accurate, timely and relevant. The services listed below offer a variety of plans that help improve the search for primary legal documents, although they have fewer search features than premium legal databases. Also, although these products offer Citators, the update features are not the same as Shepards, Keycite, or BCite.

Given the daily disruption of the legal landscape, the expertise and information you have relied on as a subscriber is available to you as you transition to a new role. Apply to this exclusive program today and stay connected with the resources you need. Smart companies know they need a way to stay on top of legal news and current awareness. But the best companies know they need more. Beyond what happened, there is this essential element – why it matters – and what it means for you, for your clients and for the legal world. You can also sign up to receive personalized notifications tailored to your practice areas as well as the daily record. The Daily Docket offers a morning briefing with the day`s most important legal news on courts, law firms and legal practice. From landmark U.S.

Supreme Court decisions to an Illinois bar exam, you can get the news you and your clients need. “We have so much depth in terms of reporting talent. We rely on people who have complementary expertise,” says Jan Wolfe, a Reuters legal affairs reporter. 1 On two occasions, articles on regulatory news are based on a tabular presentation of searches for “Department of Labour”, “Internal Revenue Service” and “OSHA” on and for the period January 1 to August 31, 2020. “I look at something that another legal journalist might cover, and then try to find the trend or legal development that lawyers will see when they read this, and it will make a difference. Even though it`s a case with a limited number of people involved, when lawyers see my column, they`ll say, “Hey, this is important to me. It`s important for my practice,” Frankel said. Technology has been hailed as a way to give underserved populations better access to the justice system. But as ALL speakers show, access to justice technology is only useful if it takes into account how users will use it. When navigating the legal landscape, Black lawyers face barriers that impede their professional success, including barriers to entry, lack of representation and inclusiveness, and recruitment practices.

The five-part Black Lawyers Speak podcast series will explore what it`s like to be Black in the legal profession and how we are moving towards a more inclusive future. There. We have said that. Legal research is not enough. This is essential, of course, and the right online tools are essential. But on its own, it won`t give you all the information you need to provide the legal advice your clients are asking for. As their worlds evolve, they rely on you to keep them updated on everything they need to know, and what they need to know continues to change as their businesses adapt. “You can get legal news from many different places on a daily basis, so what I want Westlaw Today to be what I aspire to be, and what I hope our website is something beyond `It happened.` It`s this, `It happened and here`s why it`s important and why you need to care,`” Alison Frankel, a legal columnist at Reuters. Thomson Reuters Westlaw Edge offers a new offering to provide exclusive Reuters news and analysis. Westlaw Today uses our 150 years of journalistic expertise to immerse you in your legal world. This way, you stay informed while enhancing your value to customers. “With Westlaw Today, you get the huge collection of world-class legal content that comes with Westlaw, including all the case information and additional documents you need for your day-to-day practice,” said Leigh Jones, Reuters Legal News Editor.

“Then you can also benefit from Reuters with experienced journalists who will bring you the legal news you need for your practice. Westlaw Today brings you up to date on what`s happening in the industry and your area of expertise. As companies adapt to changing customer needs, the list of areas of business you need to master grows exponentially. Not only do you need to know the latest legal updates and changes, but you also need to know what might happen. As your to-do list grows, your resources are likely to stay the same or even decrease. So how can you keep up? Get legal, accurate and urgent reports on how to respond appropriately and effectively to the coronavirus pandemic. We`re outperforming the competition with twice as many news articles from regulators at the Department of Labor, IRS, OSHA and more.1 After three days in Denver, LTN editor Zach Warren explains why legal librarians focus so much on data, legal innovations in science, and the good and bad sides of the ALL showroom. Clinical research often excludes persons with disabilities who have reduced decision-making capacity, but they may participate in supported decision-making, where their decisions may be supported by designated supports of their choice. This will promote equal access to research. Implementing APIs to connect internal and external data sources can be a technical task.

But as leading legal information scholars at the AALL conference say, proper implementation requires collaboration and knowledge, a perfect place for a legal librarian. On February 17, the Library of Congressional Law and the Supreme Court Scholars Program hosted a conversation with Associate Justice Stephen Breyer for the annual conference of the Supreme Court Scholars Program. Aslihan Bulut, Congressional Law Librarian, presented the event, and Chief Justice Jeffrey P. Minear, who is also executive director of the Supreme Court Scholars Program, served as moderator. The event was livestreamed and you can watch a recording of the program here. Climate protection laws reduce national CO2 emissions by 0.78% in the first three years and by 1.79% in the longer term. These reductions total 38 GtCO2 of avoided emissions for 1999 to 2016, which corresponds to one year of CO2 emissions. Marketing banners and advertising claims are based on the following data: Projects such as SCALE aim to enable the “systematic response” to legal questions.

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