Legal Aid Family Lawyers London

Legal Aid Family Lawyers London

“CRS has been at the top of London`s family law firms for many years. They have continued to maintain a very high reputation and deserve it. They have a number of highly experienced partners supported by an excellent stable of staff. They have great strength in all areas of family law. “The excellence and experience of the Russell-Cooke family team is worth joining you. The team works well together to cover each other`s cases, so no client ever feels without support. Miranda Green is a brilliant and experienced family law lawyer that I would choose every time. She knows the law and writes brilliant letters. She is solution-oriented and confident. Boodle Hatfield LLP is “just brilliant. It provides a very high quality of service to its clients and is truly a company that adds value to their records. It`s a close-knit team that works well together and there is real strength and depth in the department. The Group receives numerous high-level instructions, often spanning multiple jurisdictions, with significant tax, emotional and reputational issues, as well as valuable assets.

He is known for his work with a variety of high-profile clients with large family businesses, as well as for his cross-border child work. The team is also commended for its work on major prenuptial agreements. The head of the department, James Ferguson, “approaches all cases with real wisdom”. Emily Brand has particular expertise in advising on litigation involving children with autism. “Antonia has all the qualities of a great family lawyer. She is empathetic but open and explains the best path with great clarity. I never doubted that I was in the safest and most competent hands. His calm and calm are reassuring. She strives to make herself available when urgency is required and is highly agile, adapting efficiently and easily to changing circumstances. I recommend them wholeheartedly and without hesitation. Georgina Hamblin: She has already made a name for herself as a talented marriage lawyer for the very wealthy divorced lawyer.

She will clearly succeed the great ladies, who are about to retire and become one of the great strokes of family law. She`s brilliant. Simon McKirgan: He has one of the best lawyers in family law. His attention to detail is second to none, he is also very friendly and gives excellent advice. Bross Bennett is a “niche practice that is highly regarded in the industry. The team is very customer-oriented and therefore has a loyal clientele where a lot of work is conveyed by personal recommendations. It is led by Sharon Bennett and Ruth Bross and is known for its ability to handle a wide range of family matters, from complex financial disputes and prenuptial agreements to difficult issues involving children and cohabitation arrangements. Anna Wagstaff has extensive experience in handling complex disputes involving children, including relocation to other jurisdictions, and financial matters, often with an international dimension. The Company is pleased to recently add Jamie Gaw of Forsters LLP to its ranks. Think about what other organizations you`ve joined might be able to help. For example: which ones? provides legal advice when you pay for a subscription. You can find out about what? Legal services on their website.

A searchable list of lawyers and licensed law firms can be found on the Government Legal Aid website. Our customers always come first. We are focused on providing affordable, world-class legal services with exceptional client service. You can check if you qualify for legal aid on the government`s website. “Matt Humphreys is the gentleman of the team and hides a taste of steel in hard-fought disputes (if necessary). Very well thought out both on the law, as well as on the personal and emotional requirements of the client. Carly Kinch walks quietly being great, without ego, she devotes herself tirelessly (and with a ridiculous amount of work) to her clients. It is an absolute joy that can be taught to her, there is nothing in a case that she does not have in mind and that she has not already thought of. Her unconventional rise from paralegal to partner speaks volumes, she was based on talent. “Debbie and Emma are both collaborative lawyers and excel in this area – while they are better known for litigation, they both have the skills and abilities to make them excellent collaborative family lawyers.

Richard Hogwood is friendly and very bright. Stephen brings everyone together and steers a very tight ship while allowing people to develop their own skills and personalities. “The best team doing family work in London. Completely. With some distance. Their associates are the most prominent minds in the field, and just as important (perhaps even more so), their associates and senior associates are uniformly exceptional, which is not surprising since they have been trained by the best. No other company has the resources and the will to make each case feel like it`s its only case, and everything is done the right way, if not before. “Probably the best family law team in London! No weak link in the chain. Constant 5 star service. It is impossible and unfair to choose individuals because they are all so good.

However, Stephen Foster needs special credit not only for building this team, but also for handling his own very large and successful fall load so well. He is an extremely intelligent lawyer and thinks deeply about his cases and the best strategy to achieve maximum and optimal results.

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