Lake Dillon Rules and Regulations

Lake Dillon Rules and Regulations

Under the new rules, residents of the Dillon Reservoir are allowed to enter the water as long as they are on the ground, Ransom said. Swimming is still prohibited, which is defined in the rules of recreation as driving the body in the water with limbs. Water treading is also included in this definition. Ransom said that while the committee hoped to have implemented these rules by early summer, he`s still happy to have them updated after a fairly lengthy process. Waterfowl hunting: Permitted within the Dillon Reservoir recreational area in strict compliance with all applicable regulations. This is especially true if you want to hike around the lake or kayak in open water. When changing the recreation rules on and around Dillon Reservoir, the Dillon Reservoir Recreation Committee makes recommendations that must be approved by the county commissioners. Representatives from Denver Water, the U.S. Forest Service, and the governments of Summit County, Dillon, and Frisco serve on the Board of Directors. The lake is accessible via Highway 70 West in the Rocky Mountains. The trip takes about 75 minutes from Denver or about 2 hours from Colorado Springs.

The hiking trails near the lake invite you to hiking, biking or even horseback riding. “It makes it easier for people who come to the tank to enjoy a boating experience to have the same rules and regulations if we could, and we could, in this case, and it works well,” Ransom said. “We`ve only made a few minor changes to the language to make sure we`re in tune with the parks and wildlife, and that we`re limiting the types of vessels and vehicles that are on the tank from different angles, with safety probably coming first.” “I think it`s going to be a lot more user-friendly and a lot easier to apply,” Ransom said. “So hopefully it will make things less confusing on the water and people understand these rules and rules.” Brandon Ransom, director of recreation for Denver Water, said the changes were mostly suggested to clean up language and update rules because they haven`t been updated in years. He said that the application of certain rules is sometimes an obstacle. Take your dog for a day at the lake and enjoy roaming in the nearby forests and hills. Although physical contact with water is completely prohibited before the rule change, people are often found in the water on the beach of Frisco Bay Marina and elsewhere along the reservoir. Ransom said they hope to adopt the new rules early this summer so that this type of activity can be officially allowed.

Hiking and Biking: Enjoy more than seven cobblestone miles of the Summit County system. The Sapphire Point Trail follows a half-mile path to the lookout. The Old Dillon Reservoir Trail connects to the lake, which used to provide drinking water to Old Town. The Summit Board of County Commissioners voted to pass new recovery rules for Dillon Reservoir at a meeting on September 14, meaning people are now allowed to wade in the water. “There are a lot of different angles, but one of them was enforcement and one of them was the discussion about people being allowed to go into the water only in hot weather, especially if you have younger kids who just want to get in the water and play,” Ransom said. Fishing: Downstream of the dam, the state has designated the Blue River as Gold Medal Waters. See Colorado Parks and Wildlife for special tank regulations. Ice fishing when conditions permit. Popular water activities on the lake include motorized and non-motorized boat trips. Enjoy a day on the water by sailboat, pontoon or other motorboat.

Ransom said the changes to the boat rules were made primarily to align the Dillon Reservoir rules with Colorado parks and wildlife rules for consistency. He said the speed limit on the tank is now 40 miles per hour, which is also compatible with parks and wildlife. Other rule changes include new language regarding special events and personal use of vessels. As new types of battery-powered vessels continue to be created, regulations have been amended to prohibit certain types of battery-powered vessels, limit speeds, and adapt permitted types of electric transport equipment to local jurisdictions. Ransom said the world of water recreation is constantly changing and more and more land-based recreational facilities are being converted to water use. He said that in updating the rules, the committee has tried to anticipate this with general language to ensure that uses that are not considered appropriate on the tank do not appear. The marinas also offer sailing school classes as well as boat trips and lakeside restaurants. And if you want to avoid a lot of tourists and traffic, it is recommended to visit Lake Dillon early in the morning. Colorado Parks and Wildlife manages the fishery and the lake is populated by brown trout, rainbow trout, Kokanean salmon and Arctic char.

However, fishing from the dam, bridges or boat launches is not allowed. And to fish on the lake, anyone over the age of 15 must have a valid fishing license. Are dogs allowed at Dillon Reservoir? Yes, dogs are allowed at the lake and there are several dog-friendly activities. For a complete list of rules and regulations for Lake Dillon, visit the Denver Water Dillon Reservoir website. Swimming isn`t allowed at Dillon Lake, but don`t let that stop you from taking a trip here. It is easily accessible from the Front Range and is an undeniably beautiful place to spend an afternoon or weekend. You can also rent a boat in Frisco or Dillon Marina. The best season to visit Dillon Reservoir is during the summer months from June to October. Dillon Lake is full of 3,233 acres of calm, cool alpine waters, and the surrounding peaks make it a truly beautiful place for camping, fishing, hiking, mountain biking, or spiked.

But is it possible to swim here? Read on to find out. During the winter months, the Dillon Reservoir freezes completely and offers activities such as ice fishing, snowkiting and ice skating. Here are some of the most popular things to do in Dillon Reservoir, whether you`re visiting in the summer or winter. Denver Water (owner and operator): 303-893-2444 or customer service contact form. Dillon, Colorado has a population of less than 1,000, with most people being tourists or visitors. However, motorized vessel inspections are required and must be from aquatic pest species (ANS) to operate on the dough. Unlike the Boulder Tank, the Dillon Tank does not require a permit for non-motorized vehicles. Both Frisco Bay Marina and Dillon Marina offer access to powerboat and boat launches. Scenic Lookouts: Experience the spectacular backdrop of the Gore, Williams Fork and Ten Mile mountain ranges. Recovery in the Dillon Reservoir Recreation Area is managed by the Dillon Reservoir Inter-Agency Recreation Committee (DRReC).

DRReC includes Denver Water, the City of Dillon, the City of Frisco, the Summit County Government, and the United States. Forest Service, each owning or managing land in the Dillon Reservoir Recreation Area. The Frisco Bay Marina boat launch is now open for the 2022 summer season. Hours of operation are indicated on the ramp and adjusted according to seasonal needs and staff. The Dillon Reservoir Recreation Committee grant program is designed to provide financial support to local governments as well as state and federal agencies that manage land in the Dillon Reservoir Recreation Area. The DRReC grant program aims to support infrastructure improvement and planning projects that also support DRReC`s core mission: think of almost any activity that puts you in direct contact with the water, and that is not allowed here – scuba diving, water skiing, etc. However, an exception applies to windsurfing (windsurfing) with a wet or full dry suit. Financial stability, great employees and exceptional customers. Payment starts at $20 – $22/hour (depending on location), competitive benefits, paid volunteers. It is owned by Denver Water and is actually where the city gets most of its drinking water. The 2022 DRReC grant program is now accepting applications until October 30, 2022. Please use the link below to access the 2022 grant instructions and the PDF application to complete.

Click here for DRReC grant application and instructions Have you visited recently or are you planning to visit soon? Please give us feedback. And with over 18 different trails near Dillon Lake, there`s never a shortage of hiking or skiing trails to explore. Dillon Lake is located in the White River National Forest and is managed by the United States Forest Service. Campground reservations can be made on the website and then searched for a campground near Dillon Lake. So what do you do if you`re in the area on a hot summer day and want to swim? Frisco Bay Marina and Dillon Marina offer access to personal launching vessels as well as boat rentals, SUP and kayak rentals, boat trips, holds and warehouses, and other marina services.

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