Jru Law School Requirements

Jru Law School Requirements

We continue to develop relevant programs. A high school student who completes the academic track has the skills to prepare him or her for college programs such as engineering, economics and accounting, humanities and education, and related programs in health and medicine. A student completing the TechVoc track can demonstrate the skills and attitudes required in animation, food and drink, tour guidance, and maintenance of computer systems. A student completing the Arts and Design track can demonstrate and practice creating effective visual communication. A student who completes the sports track will be able to analyze match situations and apply the principles of sports management skills and behavior. JRU has also partnered with other universities to offer the Master of Arts in Education, Specialization in Educational Management, Specialization in Consulting and Consulting, Specialization in Mathematics and a Specialization in Special Education. We also have the Master of Business Administration in Entrepreneurship, Organizational Development, Retail Management and Supply Management. We also offer master`s programs in Information Technology, Community Studies and Extension Administration, and Business Education. Some of them are offered by a consortium with other universities. We have worked hard to make your learning here better and better. We`d like to discuss some of our plans that we know will have a big impact on you: good teachers, good facilities, and access to learning technologies.

The facilities are worth paying not like the other school my daughter comes from, we pay over 75k a year but CCTV is missing and lots of mosquitoes and the Cr are so smelly. two thumbs up for JRU!!!! By Tholits Dich (June, 2018) | Grateful and blessed to be back at my dear alma mater, I am now one of the proud high school educators. I enjoyed my highskul days here. and at the same time. University… Although too much pressure… By Jean Sua Godio (Sep, 2017) | Answer Thank you for the 11 year olds (children in high school) full of fun, laughter. Memories that will last a lifetime.

I will never forget and something that made me who I am now. By Cristy Iñigo Cañero (Sep, 2017) | Answer We had another exciting year at José Rizal University. All students have grown in many ways over the past year. Many of them have successfully completed their studies and have been recognized for their efforts. This school year is a momentous year for JRU. The university was originally located on R. Hidalgo Street in Quiapo Manila.It offered the four-year Bachelor of Commerce program as well as the high school course. It has continued to provide educational services since 1919, except during the Japanese occupation of the Philippines during World War II, when I considered JRU my 2nd home from 1961 to 2012. I spent most of my time in school, especially during the period when I taught for almost 12 years. Jru had been my training ground to become a better person. There I found comfort and comfort even though I had to go back and forth for 2 hours.

It was just a shame that I had to retire in 2012. For most students looking for a school, jRU is the place to be! By Catwalk Peters (April 2018) | Answer • PDF copy of transcript (RPT)• PDF copy of certificate of achievement received• PDF copy of certificate of good character• and two 2×2 imagesPlease bring photocopy of the mandate and certificate of achievement and an original copy of the requirements of the certificate of good character on the day of your scheduled exam. Greedy!!! Tuition fees from 4k for SHS to 14k (preliminary price) in this next SY. The school began accepting reservations in February, but tuition has not been finalized to date. Don`t waste your money, this school just wants your money and doesn`t give education. By Criszelle Siaron (Apr, 2018) | The University offers the Juris Doctor Scholarship to new students of the Faculty of Law who have completed their bachelor`s program with Latin honors and passed the Faculty of Law Scholarship Qualification Test.

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