Is It Legal to Kill Snow Geese

Is It Legal to Kill Snow Geese

Ten years ago, many national wildlife organizations, including the Audubon Society, the National Wildlife Federation, Ducks Unlimited and the American Bird Conservancy, advocated for measures that could help reduce snow before its habitat disappears. “For those who like to hunt with dogs, the spring season is a great opportunity. Typically, there are many calls to be made, from marks in lures to long blinds,” Vandemore said. Dogs can mark snow geese that fall at great distances, which really helps them label them. In my opinion, the best way to “make” a good hunting dog is to kill a lot of birds above them and give them a lot of opportunities, and that`s what snow goose hunting is. And it doesn`t hurt that the main goal is to contain the population of light geese of the central continent, as it destroys its breeding range in the tundra. While gardening once this week, I heard the sound of snow geese passing overhead. This was the first wave of these large birds on their way south. Thousands of people had to pass before the last swarm flew out of sight. It is easy to understand why snow geese cause problems on their breeding grounds. Similar regulations for snow goose hunting have been in place since 1999 in many Midwestern states and Canadian provinces, including Quebec, Dec. said. “In my opinion, it is the right of every hunter to hunt as long as he does so ethically and legally – not without permission to retrieve the birds, clean and eat them.

In addition, it is a unique conservation hunt. The purpose of this hunt is to reduce this population, not to manage it. Hunters who do it legally and ethically should be allowed to do so and, in my opinion, should not be condemned for it. Depending on who you ask, spring light goose jumping is an effective and ethical way to kill a group of birds or the dirtiest and vilest form of bush flapping in waterfowl hunting. (Of course, almost everyone would agree that jumping goose quarters are anathema, but some people also despise jumping birds in fields or relaxation ponds.) There are no limits for snow geese during the U.S. Spring Protection Order (because the birds are overcrowded and damage their nesting sites in the Arctic) and a kind of killing mentality has crept in. In an inevitable quirk of human nature, since there`s no limit to how many birds you can kill, people become obsessed with how many birds they shoot — especially after seeing 100 days of birds on social media. This causes some people to take longer shots and scratch a few birds from a high flock, although others could be injured. In the worst case, there are jumpers who put 100 geese (or more) on the water in seconds, even though ducks, Canada geese and speckled geese could be mixed as collateral damage (violation of federal hunting laws). All this is often rationalized because the birds are overcrowded. But in reality, even the increase in light goose harvests is not having the desired impact on populations. If you are travelling alone, hunt exclusively on socks.

They don`t have the allure of full bodies, but you can afford 1,000 of them and they all fit in the back of your truck. You probably won`t fool huge flocks of adult birds with these lures, but you can remove small packs of Juvies, and sometimes adults will follow. Also try to target the water. Most snow geese will at least give you a glimpse if you have lures on a pond or small watershed. You can succeed with these smaller spreads, but you should recalibrate your idea of success. Most duck hunters are excited about their limit of six birds per day. A solo snow goose hunter should be equally thrilled by six hard-earned birds. Coots: Daily limit of 15, possession limit of 45. Palle Geese: Daily limit of 20, no property line Canada/Rantänse (combined): Daily limit 3, Property line 9 White-fronted geese: Daily limit 2, Property line 6 According to CED: “The abundance of snow geese nesting in the far north regions of North America is damaging their sensitive Arctic breeding ground. Habitat degradation in turn affects the health of pale geese and other bird species that depend on tundra habitat.

The return of the palese population to sustainable levels is necessary to protect this fragile habitat and any species that depend on it. Anyone can be invited to the snow goose hunt once, but if you want to keep coming back, you`ll have to make your own weight (and more). Regardless of which birds are killed by the group, offer your cleaning help and take home as many as possible (snow geese makes a fine meat stick or crushed chili). The hardened snow goose hunters who have been around for weeks already have more than enough birds in their freezers. You will be grateful if you clean the geese and bring them home. If you`re staying at a friend`s house, you`ll pay for a dinner or two. Clean up after yourself. Do everything you can to make their lives easier and it will guarantee you a place next year. We posed the dilemma to four long-time snow goose guides and hunters.

Your opinions may surprise you. The snow goose population was out of control due to changes in agricultural practices on the wintering grounds and other human activities. This was a man-made problem that required an artificial solution, such as increased hunting. Daily and possession limits are combined with brant geese and Canada geese. If you don`t already have snow goose hunting friends, you might be surprised at how easy it is to do them. Ducks Unlimited events and even Facebook groups dedicated to snow goose hunting are good places to start. If you`re willing to scout (help find food and hunting licenses from landowners), you`d be surprised how many crews are willing to invite you on a hunt or two. Do you still want to do it yourself? Just you and the dog? It is not impossible. If it sounds fun to drive back roads for days, talk to landowners for permission, and open it up to define a spread, well, then you`re probably signing up for the right hobby. Start by reading this article on DIY hunting snow geese.

“If hunters take the time to prepare for the LGCO, they will not only see incredible sites, but will also help reduce an overcrowded herd to promote snow goose health,” Keller said. “Snow is driven from September to May in all latitudes and longitudes of Canada and the United States. Any species that is hunted and hunted during this period over a huge migration distance naturally becomes very intelligent and conditioned. Being able to observe and hunt a species like snow can be a great success or a very humiliating experience. The way I see it, if you can fool a swarm of snow, you`ve accomplished something.

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