High School Requirements for Auburn University

High School Requirements for Auburn University

You can submit your application for authorisation online at auburn.edu/admissions or via the joint application. Choose the app you feel most comfortable with. There is no preference for either application. We strongly recommend that you submit the application you started, as completing both applications may delay the processing of your application. A completed application includes an application for admission, a fee request or fee waiver, your official high school transcript, and the official ACT/SAT results. Applying for approval is the first step, and we`re here to guide you through the process. Check out the checklist, deadlines and requirements for applying to Auburn, as well as everything you need to know to make the application easier and stress-free. You apply as a first-year candidate if you are a current high school graduate or a high school graduate who has never enrolled in university. Early admission is for students who have met all high school graduation requirements, graduated early (usually after the eleventh year or mid-year), graduated from high school, and wish to start their college career early. Permission to enrol is granted for one semester only; A temporary student who wishes to re-enrol must submit a new application. Temporary status does not constitute admission or registration as an accredited higher education institution. However, the transitional is subject to the same fees and regulations as a regular student, with the exception of continuation requirements. If you apply without a test result, we will check your high school report in detail.

We review your high school transcript for rigor, grading trends, your academic performance relative to other candidates at your high school, learning opportunities in your high school, and outstanding performance in one or more specific subjects. Rigorous includes: core program grades, scheduled Grade 12 courses, college preparation, advanced, advanced placement (AP), International Baccalaureate (IB), honours, gifted and transferable college courses. Official High School Transcript The GPA shown on the high school transcript is used to determine eligibility for admission and scholarships, provided that the GPA is calculated on a weighted scale of 4.0. Auburn University automatically recalculates a GPA if it is not reported on a 4.0 scale or if an unweighted GPA is provided and courses include Advanced Placement Courses, IB, Honors and/or Gifted Courses. First-year students can start auburn.edu/admissions from July 1 for the spring semester and August 1 for the summer/fall semester. The scholarship deadline for general and subject-specific scholarships is February 1. The admission deadline is February 1 for regular admission. All application documents must be received by this date for admission. If the first-year class has reached capacity at that time, students may be placed on the waiting list for admission. Submit a letter of support from the guidance counsellor or high school principal * International students must first send all their diplomas to a professional reference assessment agency. If they appear qualified and promise to succeed in their chosen fields of study, they will be asked to submit a formal application, which must be accompanied by a non-refundable application fee of $60. When applicants provide satisfactory academic credentials, test scores, and proof that they have sufficient funds to cover their college expenses (there is no financial aid for international students), they receive an acceptance and Form I-20, approval of a student visa.

International students must purchase university student insurance or provide proof of equivalent coverage. This mandatory health insurance can be purchased upon arrival in the United States. In addition to assessing core classes, Auburn will consider high school GPA, ACT and/or SAT scores, and high school rigor. The transcription score uses a scale of 4.0. (A = 4 points, B = 3 points, C = 2 points, D = 1 point, F = 0 points). Academic performance Your high school transcript is the primary criterion for determining grade readiness. Each first-year applicant must meet the requirements of the following core program by the end of their high school graduation year: Applicants who complete their secondary education under a homeschooling program must meet all regular AU admission standards. This includes successful completion of the core courses required for all first-year students entering UA. In particular, science courses must have a documented laboratory component. Applicants who provide satisfactory degrees, test scores, and proof that they have sufficient funds to cover their academic expenses will receive a letter of acceptance and Form I-20 (the approval of a student visa).

All students are required to purchase university student insurance or provide proof of equivalent coverage. This health insurance can be purchased upon arrival at the U.S. Grade Grade Point Average and High School Program. Although the decision is based on test scores and high school GPA, students must have met the course requirements in their high school program. Students enrolled on one of Auburn`s campuses can take courses on both campuses if they have a good reputation and have the approval of the home campus. These credits can count towards their degree requirements.

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