Community Legal Services Gold Coast

Community Legal Services Gold Coast

The Centre can advise on a number of general areas of law, including: minor debts, neighbourhood disputes, road accidents, labour law, rental and company matters, Centrelink disputes and social rights issues. The Gold Coast Community Legal Centre can advise you in a number of general areas of law, our lawyers cannot sign certificates of independent legal advice, certificates for loan guarantors and extended health guidelines. The Gold Coast Community Legal Centre (GCCLC) provides free legal advice and support to clients through in-person or telephone appointments. GCCLC serves residents throughout the Gold Coast region. My Community Legal (MCL) is an independent initiative of the Gold Coast District Law Association and many cooperation partners. We offer local practitioners and law students who intend to become lawyers the opportunity to serve the people of Gold Coast and Tweed by providing free legal services to those who need them but cannot afford them. Our goal is to give law students the opportunity to engage with the center in order to gain hands-on legal experience during their law studies. All residents of the Gold Coast area can seek legal advice and assistance from the centre. We do not have a performance test or a test of financial resources. If you require an interpreter or have other special circumstances that would affect our ability to provide you with legal advice, please inform the reception when making an appointment.

Our volunteers can tell the lawyer what you need to access our services and we can make certain arrangements to ensure that you can get legal advice. The Gold Coast Community Legal Centre is a general community legal centre operating in Southport serving the entire Gold Coast area, from Beenleigh to Coolangatta, with free legal advice, prototyping and collaborative project work, community legal information, and general information and recommendations. “It has already been said that people who come to agencies like ours should be treated as individuals and not as cases or category numbers – they must be accepted as people of value and dignity, regardless of their weaknesses, mistakes and failures – they must make their own decisions and decisions – they need help, not knowing what to do – they need to feel that confidential information about them is kept as private as possible – they don`t want the world to know their problems. In short, they have the right to expect to meet qualified people who provide them and the community with quality service. The Centre is able to provide legal assistance to clients in most areas of law, including family law, consumer law and neighbourhood disputes. To facilitate access to our legal services, we operate outreach clinics in various locations in the Gold Coast region. We now have a social work service in our center, which is also available to clients who receive legal assistance from our partners are at the heart of how this non-profit legal practice works. Our pro bono publico legal practice is accredited by the National Association of Community Legal Centres, an ATO Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) and a registered charity with the ACNC. Please save us some time or money if you can. Our head office is located in the centre of Southport.

We also offer legal services in offices located at the southern and northern ends of the Gold Coast. Legal advice and assistance are available from Monday to Friday between 8:30 am and 4 pm by appointment and at our night clinic on Tuesday evenings from 5 pm. To make an appointment, please call 07 5532 9611 or request a call back online. The Gold Coast Community Legal Centre offers free legal information events for non-profit community organizations and individuals. These sessions are usually offered in person and in groups. Since opening in 1984, our team of fully qualified lawyers has provided free front-line support to the entire Gold Coast region. Our priority is to support the most vulnerable and disadvantaged residents in a number of areas of law, including family law, domestic violence, consumer issues, minor civil claims, traffic accidents, neighbourhood disputes and minor criminal cases. There may also be times when we are full, there is an unavailability of lawyers in some awareness places, or we are not able to help you with your legal case. In these circumstances, we will provide you with other referral links to seek legal advice or to request a reminder. Connie Gill, – Administrator of the Citizens Advice Bureau, Annual Report 1984 Disputes can be stressful, but there are claims processes that may be available to help you. Or visit the walk-in clinic at the Southport office on Tuesday evenings starting at 5 p.m. Please note that we cannot make an appointment without this information.

We also offer a night clinic on Tuesday evenings from 5pm, for those who cannot make it to an appointment during the day. Gold Coast Community Legal Centre provides lawyers specialising in domestic violence and child protection Behind the CSi Club Southport and transit centre – our building has no street front, you have to walk behind the Club Southport and you will see our building with signs in front. To book, call 07 5532 9611 or fill in our secure online booking form. We ask that you provide the full name of the other party or company involved in the dispute when making an appointment. Sometimes we cannot advise you due to a conflict of interest. The Elder Abuse Prevention and Support Service (EAPSS) is a program offered by the Gold Coast Community Legal Centre in partnership with Relationships Australia. For those who need a lawyer but cannot afford it; Everyone is welcome. Our lawyers have experience in identifying, advising and assisting in cases of domestic violence GCCLC has offices in Southport, Ormeau and Kirra Hill – see location details.

Our walk-in night clinic is open every Tuesday evening from 5pm in our Southport office. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, our night clinic currently operates by appointment only. If you have any doubts as to whether we can help you in your case, please call us on 07 5532 9611 and the reception will let you know if our lawyers can help you or if we can refer you to another organisation. Before making an appointment by phone or using our online contact form, please have the following information at hand: Lawyers, lawyers and law students, please browse our membership and volunteer pages to learn how to get involved. The Gold Coast Community Legal Centre can advise and assist you in a variety of family law matters. Please browse our FREE LEGAL ADVICE page for our covered and excluded areas of law and how to find us. The Centre can provide advice and assistance in many minor criminal and traffic matters, including but not limited to speeding, drunk driving and theft of goods. We can also help you with work licenses and special ordinances.

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