Are Semi Auto Shotguns Legal in Ny

Are Semi Auto Shotguns Legal in Ny

This new legislation creates two new offences under the Criminal Code. It will be a Class “A” offence to purchase or receive a semi-automatic rifle without the new licence. In addition, it will be a class “E” crime to sell a semi-automatic rifle to a person without a license. The new crime of selling a semi-automatic rifle to someone who does not have a license is written in a strange way to make it clear that even if the seller thought the buyer had a license, the seller would still be guilty if the buyer did not actually have the license. The new law stipulates that the licensee has the license with him if he takes possession of a semi-automatic rifle. It would be a violation of section 400 to buy a semi-automatic rifle without having the licence on you, even if you have received a licence. Antiques and replica handguns must be registered in order to be legally loaded and fired. [48] In June 2022, Governor Kathy Hochul (D-NY) signed a law prohibiting anyone under the age of 21 from purchasing or owning semi-automatic rifles, banning soft-bodied bulletproof vests for civilian use, and requiring gun owners to obtain a license before legally taking possession of new semi-automatic rifles in the state. Those between the ages of 18 and 21 are still allowed to buy other rifles (bolt, pump, lever or one shot) and can usually buy all categories of shotguns.

What about people who use weapons illegally? There are a variety of harsher penalties for those who break the law when it comes to illegal purchases of firearms, use of firearms in a crime, swinging a firearm on school grounds, or shooting a child or first responder. Here is a summary: New York Assault Weapons Definition (RCNY Administration Code, 10-301.16.a): Unlike handguns, N.Y. State law does not prohibit the open carrying of shotguns or rifles, except in restricted buildings such as schools and courthouses. In New York City, only adults who are at least 21 years of age or older can purchase or possess a firearm with a license or permit issued by the NYPD. In the rest of the state, adults 18 years of age and older can purchase long guns (rifles and shotguns) without a license, and only adults 21 years of age and older can purchase or possess a handgun (with the appropriate licensing requirements). Minors who are at least 16 years of age may possess long guns. Purchase age restrictions apply to both FFL dealers and private sales or transfers. Any semi-automatic rifle, shotgun or semi-automatic pistol that is considered an assault weapon within the meaning of the definition defined above and that was lawfully possessed before 15 January 2013 may be sold, exchanged or disposed of only to a buyer authorized to possess such a weapon or to a natural or legal person outside the State: provided that such a transfer outside the State is reported within 72 hours at the place where the weapon is registered.

such a transfer. A person who passes such a gun to a person in New York without meeting these requirements is guilty of a Class A offense.3 The longtime owner of a gun store, Centola, says his customers are concerned about their rights under the Second Amendment, now that state laws require licenses and an increase in age from 18 to 21. to buy semi-automatic weapons. The Superintendent of the State Police must establish and maintain a website to inform the public about which semi-automatic rifle, semi-automatic shotgun, semi-automatic pistol or other weapon is illegal under these regulations. The website should contain information to help the public identify the relevant features prohibited by these provisions, as well as the make and model of the weapons subject to registration.6 Craig Serafini, owner of Upstate Guns & Ammos, welcomes the clarification of the new law, but would like more details: “I would like to see in a written notice to the counties through the sheriff`s office, the judges and officials who manage this so that it can be passed on to the instructors who are the ones who actually teach the courses. And, of course, the stores that are at the forefront. What weapons are banned in New York? The NY Safe Act of 2013 prohibits semi-automatic rifles, shotguns, and pistols purchased after January 15, 2013 that have a prohibited feature, such as a pistol grip, folding tree, or lightning arrester. This is the new definition of the state for an offensive weapon. The ban does not apply to shotguns with pistol grips.

Do I need to obtain a licence for a semi-automatic long gun? No. The prohibited functions of semi-automatic shotguns are: thumb hole shaft, adjustable/foldable shaft, second handle, muzzle device, removable magazines, a fixed magazine of more than 5 rounds and any shotgun expressly prohibited by name. Pistol grips are not prohibited on shotguns for some reason, so weapons like the Benelli M4 are legal, but something like the SPAS 12 is forbidden by name. I have a semi-automatic rifle with two “assault weapon” characteristics, the amount allowed until Tuesday. Do I have to modify the weapon so that it only has an “assault weapon” function? No. But I need to register it? Yes. The New York State Assembly passed a number of gun control laws this week, including one that requires licenses and is 21 years old to buy semi-automatic rifles. And there are still questions about the training and application required for semi-automatic rifles. Will the training program accepted by the counties be the same? “Or are they going with what has been written in the new laws, which have essentially tripled the time and gone into the actual use of firearms, rather than just a component of education and security,” Serafini asked. Governor Kathy Hochul has signed a number of bills. A law now stipulates that all buyers of semi-automatic rifles must hold a license.

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