Are Food Plots Legal in Ct

Are Food Plots Legal in Ct

It is legal to feed wild animals, with these exceptions: you are not allowed to use dogs, pets, bait, radios, handguns, guns and crossbows (except as described below), cars, planes, electronic calls or mechanical means of transport or equipment to hunt deer. Paraplegics and one- or two-legged amputees can hunt from any fixed-motor conveyor. Paraplegic, we mean a person who suffers from paralysis of the lower half of the body involving both legs, usually due to a disease or injury to the spinal cord. “bait” means cereals, fruits, vegetables, nuts, hay, salt, mineral blocks or other natural food materials, commercial products containing natural food materials or by-products of such materials that are transported or placed in an area to attract wildlife. Bait does not include feed provided during normal farm operations. -On the written advice of Ministry staff, no person may continue to place or distribute food, salts, minerals or similar substances for any purpose if the placement of such materials results in the attraction and/or feeding of deer. Nothing in this Regulation should be interpreted as limiting the agronomic planting of bonafide (including fodder areas for wild animals) or the distribution of food to farmed animals. I had a similar experience at CT (tractor supply). The employees involved didn`t seem to be against hunting, in fact a guy placed the seed order for me, but it was canceled because its corporate policy dictates that they will have nothing to do with supplies for food properties in New York City. Still, I believe you can go to PA and have no problems. Brought the same proof from the DEC that everything is completely legal, explaining what stocks are involved, not only seeds, but also fertilizers, lime, effects, etc. And it`s just one guy who is now one of hundreds of people who make plans and try to explain to the manager the profit potential that these clowns lack. She seemed less than benevolent and stuck to her corporate policy excuse.

I realized that it was useless to convince this there and bring my company there. In a strangely worded way, it seems that the use of deer food is legal up to 10 days before the start of the deer season, except in some prohibited areas. Be sure to check your area yourself. What is bait? Liquid odors (example: deer in the heat), sprays, salt and minerals are not bait if they do not contain liquid or solid food. Before use, read the ingredient label on all products. Many products, including new liquids, powders and blocks, contain foods or attractants such as cereals, fruits and sugar derivatives (glucose, dextrose and fructose). If a salt or mineral product contains anything other than salt or mineral, it is illegal to use it for hunting. Agricultural crops from normal or accepted agriculture, forest management, wildlife planting, orchards or other similar land management activities are not bait. Throw a few bags of 100-pound peeled corn under a population of trees in a clearing in the woods and you might be considered illegal and/or unethical in some parts.

But if we grow corn under the same stand, of course with the idea of raising deer, then not only is it legal, but there is talk in other circles of “good wildlife management and habitat improvement.” (If that`s not a good way to kill a deer!) I still like the misinformation that people give. I think many are doing just that to prevent us hunters from getting a head start on these deer. I went to Tractor Supply the other day to look at some of the seeds they had. The lady comes and demands that it be illegal to hunt on a food property, and if that were my intention, she wouldn`t sell me any of this. I checked and said, okay ma`am, I`ll be back tomorrow with a gift for you. I came back with a print from CED`s website and gave it to him. She looked at me very funny when I suggested she knew what she was talking about before she spoke and left. I went back a few days later to pick up some weld wires, and she called me and apologized and said that was exactly what she had been told. If only these people would keep their mouths shut.

Think about how many acorns you hunted under? How many people settle on apple trees? These are all food sources, some people don`t put on their others. Food property is no different, it is a source of food. If you decide to hunt about it or just have it to attract and keep deer on your property, or a suplement to get them through the winter, that`s your choice, not a few anti-spread rumors. It appears that the use of deer feed is illegal in some parts of the state, but in others it is only legal during the hunting season. Be sure to check your area yourself. It is illegal to use deer odors, baits or other items containing natural deer urine or other body fluids from deer. Plant what you want, harvest it, leave it, don`t put it in a pile!! This is the only illegal part! You must NOT take game by intentionally or negligently feeding harmful deer, moose, bears, wolves, coyotes, foxes, wolverines, sheep or exotic wildlife, or by intentionally leaving human food, feed, mineral additives or garbage in a way that attracts such animals, UNLESS you can hunt wolves, foxes and wolverines with game parts that don`t need to be recovered. “Bait” means any substance that could serve as bait, food or attraction for deer or moose, unless otherwise specified in this section, it is illegal to hunt deer and moose with any type of bait placed, displayed, deposited, distributed, dispersed or otherwise used to attract deer or moose for the purpose of hunting them, if the quantity of bait accessible to wildlife exceeds 10 gallons The bait sites of a single licensee may not be placed within 200 metres of another known bait site or another bait site of the same licensee It is legal to hunt on a harvested grain field, but it is not legal to add grain or other crops, like apples, in the field after its harvest. It is illegal to place bait in a way that causes others to break the bait rule. Feed is a substance composed of cereals, minerals, salt, fruit, vegetables, hay or other food materials likely to attract deer or moose for reasons other than hunting. Feeding of any kind is illegal in DMU 333, DMU 419 and DMU 487. In the rest of Michigan, the following rules apply: In addition, all food must be removed from a feeding site by September 1, and any area where food has been distributed is considered a “bait zone” for 10 days after the food is completely removed.

The prohibitions listed above do not include the planting of agronomic crops or forage areas for wild animals. It is illegal to provide food, salt, mineral blocks or other products for ingestion by wild deer or other wildlife in areas where wild deer are present at all times. Except that: Not only is it illegal to hunt, hunt with dogs or try to kill wild birds and animals from a bait site, but it is also illegal to feed certain wild animals under certain circumstances.

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