Alison Legal Practice

Alison Legal Practice

Ms. Hicks has countless hours in her nearly 15 years of actual participation in the trial. In her first two years as a lawyer, she spent at least 20 hours a week in the courtroom, representing clients at real-life hearings. She maintains a close friendship with lawyers across the country and is actively involved in blogs that provide advice and help lawyers across the country with the issues she regularly addresses in her practice. Alison`s peers trust her to help the children in the role of amicus or lawyer ad litem. Her status at the San Antonio Bar is such that she is appointed in cases by many judges in whose courts she serves. Click here for the legal updates Alison wrote for our blog. Emotionally, you may be going through difficulties, but with our help, your legal aspect will be easier. We offer professional legal advice in international law for clients in various countries as well as legal aid in civil proceedings.

We offer help to those who are looking for it. Help bring you closer to happiness. Help you navigate the confusing legal system. Help to have enlightened protection in your best interest. Alison knew in high school that she wanted to be a lawyer. Since law school, she has had the opportunity to work in the trial department of a large insurance company as well as several years in private practice. Because of this diverse legal education, she understands the client`s perspective from many angles and has developed a unique but highly effective approach to her legal practice. Your problem or needs may not fit in a search engine box or directly in one of Alison`s main areas of law. Feel free to explore this site and ask yourself if Alison`s knowledge and experience can serve you. The practice of law is a profession of service. Born and raised in St. Petersburg, Alison M.

Steele has been a legal counsel and attorney in the human and corporate courtroom in Tampa Bay and beyond for 29 years. On January 1, 2017, she founded her own law firm, Alison M. Steele, P.A., in the heart of downtown St. Pete. Alison`s practice focuses on workers` compensation and personal injury advocacy. She has worked on all aspects of cases from simple to complex, including litigation, mediation, settlement negotiations and appeals. She has worked with a range of business types and industries, from small businesses to large national companies, and has experience navigating at different levels of the company structure. Growing up in a strictly Christian family, divorce wasn`t even something I knew was an option. When I was a teenager, my parents had been married for twenty years when they decided to divorce. It wasn`t easy for her, but the conflict was unbearable for me and my younger sister. I saw my parents receive legal advice from local lawyers, good and bad. I practiced with some of these professionals when I started working as a lawyer.

Alison Law Solicitors is an independent law firm whose goal is to provide its clients with the highest level of legal expertise and exceptional client service. We are a modern and progressive law firm that supports our clients with direct legal contact, no hidden costs, expert advice and no stress. Our main goal has always been to provide our clients around the world with high quality and efficient legal services, as well as competent advice and representation. We currently have a legal aid contract for an action against the authorities, which allows us to provide additional support to clients. Our goal is to offer practical solutions that will help you solve family problems as quickly and amicably as possible. We are here to serve you with the attention you deserve. “Peddicord-Wharton is a forward-thinking law firm that is essential to our clients and employees. This type of environment allows us to provide the energy and resources we need to ensure that our customers receive the best possible service and results. American Bar Association – Vice President, Workers` Compensation and Employers` Liability Law General Committee – Member, Tort Trial & Insurance Practice Section (TIPS) Iowa State Bar Association – Workers` Compensation Section Council (two terms) We would like to help you bring the sunny future you envision. Each client receives personal attention from the lead counsel. Our firm will have a personal and practical approach to your case. All case management is done from our local office in San Antonio, Texas, with local team members who know the nuances of this area.

Our personal injury team has extensive experience in prosecuting all types of accident and illness claims. Our intellectual property lawyers represent clients in trademark, copyright and intellectual property disputes How to keep paying for this: Alison is an adjunct member of the American Legion. She donates her time to help with fundraising, pack bags for troops and their families, help with lunches and galas, and everything else she needs. Alison is also a regular platelet donor. Let`s face it, if you`re looking for a lawyer, you`ll probably want to move forward. Our lawyers and housing lawyers understand the needs and priorities of tenants, as well as real estate agents and landlords As an adult, I have experienced too much divorce. I understand the pain and confusion that divorce seekers experience. Alison Melanson is a legal practice assistant in our litigation department.

Alison has over 30 years of experience in large specialized law firms. She has worked primarily in litigation, but also has experience in various other areas of law. Alison is an experienced lawyer for her clients, both in business and in courtrooms. She is known nationally for her work before the florida state and federal trial and appeals courts. She is an internationally recognized speaker and First Amendment advocate. Martindale-Hubbell® – AV RatingThe Best Lawyers in America©, Workers` Compensation Act – Employers, 2020-2023Super Lawyers®, Rising Stars – Workers` Compensation, 2019-2021® Polk County Bar AssociationC. Edwin Moore Inn of Court, Barrister Our litigation team regularly handles a variety of disputes and prides itself on providing expert advice to resolve your disputes quickly. I may not yet know the troubles of your life, but I have first-hand divorce experiences that motivate me to represent you for the best possible outcome. It emphasizes a collaborative approach to ensure a positive process that leads to the best results and emphasizes accessibility and responsiveness. Alison is diligent in knowing the nuances of the case.

Known for not neglecting anything, customers trust Alison and opponents respect her and take her seriously. What she does in her spare time: Alison enjoys spending time with her family. She also likes to ride her motorcycle, a Harley Davidson Deluxe. She has traveled more than 30,000 miles in the last 2 years. She also enjoys paddleboarding and traveling. Martindale-Hubbell recognizes her as an outstanding® peer-reviewed lawyer with the highest levels of professional excellence, competence and integrity. I understand first-hand that a divorce can cause harm even decades later if not handled properly. Divorce from a marriage does not usually end the relationship; Instead, it develops into a new relationship with new subjects.

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