Age Legal Pour Garder Au Quebec

Age Legal Pour Garder Au Quebec

In Quebec, there is no legal age to leave your child alone at home. However, it is important to note that there is an age at which the Directorate of Youth Protection (DYP) can intervene due to neglect and others if the child is under 12 years of age. So, if your child is under the age of 12 and is seriously injured while you are away, you could be charged with negligence under the Youth Protection Act. When it comes to leaving a child unattended in a vehicle, Quebec has set a legal age limit: 7 years. However, if there is a prosecution, the judge could assess the responsibility of each of the parties to the case to determine on which side the charges will be laid. Of course, to leave your child home alone, they must first want and feel ready. Then his level of maturity and autonomy can be checked, for example, if he goes to school alone, if he does his homework and time well, generally respects the safety instructions given to him, can prepare meals, run the dishwasher, take care of his little brother or pet at home, etc. Note: Since a child from the age of 12 is considered appropriate, by taking care of other children, the DYP believes that the child will avoid putting himself in a dangerous situation. For this reason, in case of discomfort or injury, the interventions apply to children under 12 years of age. However, we must not forget that as parents, we are responsible for our minor children, regardless of their age. · The environment (do you live in a secluded place (country house (isolated from neighbors), do you have close and trustworthy neighbors to help your child in case of need?) If you decide to leave your child alone for a short time, you should take all necessary measures for his safety. It is important to take these precautions even for a short absence of a few minutes.

An accident or unfortunate incident can occur at any time. The child who remains alone at home must be able to remember to lock the front door, know what to do when the bell rings or the phone, and have the necessary judgment to intervene in an emergency. Restrictions may also apply, such as the use of the microwave and not the stove. Before leaving your child alone at home, it is important that you prepare him for his safety, self-confidence and so that you have peace of mind, prepare him. Before you leave for the evening, make a list of important information: What should I do to maximize my child`s safety in my absence? Many young people now have their guardianship card notified. If this card doesn`t give you absolute certainty that the babysitter you choose is the right one for you, you can at least make sure they`ve gained the basic knowledge to care for a child. In Quebec, there is no legal age to leave your child alone at home. However, you can be charged with negligence under the Youth Protection Act if he is under 12 years of age and is seriously injured in your absence. In situations related to lack of supervision, the law sets out several conditions for a child to become a vulnerable child (see: Legal Age to Leave Children Unattended Across Canada, Ruiz-Casares and Radic, 2015). For example, if there is an inability or unwillingness to provide adequate care, supervision or control of the child by failing to adequately supervise and protect the child, leaving a child unattended for an unreasonable period of time, and not having the necessary arrangements for the child`s custody, leave a child and leave or lose a child. The burden of proof is on the party advancing the case, that is, the Crown through its Children`s Services Service. If a person responsible for a child is convicted under a social assistance law, that person commits a crime and may be punished with a fine.

If your tween is immature or afraid of being alone, it may be best to wait. Every child is different. However, starting before the end of primary school is a good way to prepare the young person for secondary school, where there is obviously no longer childcare. In any case, it is advisable to leave the child alone for a short time at first. Then, if all goes well, the absences can be extended. In Quebec, unlike many other provinces in Canada, there is no legal age to care for a child, nor is there a minimum age to leave your child alone at home. It is therefore based on the good judgment of the custodial and custodial parents of the child. If you think your child has the skills to stay home alone, that you trust them enough and well, you can prepare them gradually.

In conclusion, despite our busy schedules, the most important thing is to make sure that our children are safe. It is better to be careful, and despite the fact that Quebec has not set a minimum age, we recommend using the age of twelve as the primary age, since this is the age at which it is appropriate to consider a child mature enough to be able to take care of other children, considering that they know how they can also take care of themselves. We also recommend enrolling your children in babysitting classes, where they can learn a number of important skills that can be useful to them in everyday life. It`s also important to remember that anything can happen even when you`re at home, with the difference that at least in this scenario, we`re here to help them in an emergency.

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